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Campaign Intro - Solar Kingdom
Written: 8/30/2011

I've been in the service of her highness for many years now.

It is my task to command and lead her armies to bring order and protection to the Solar Kingdom.

My father did this before me with pride and distinction. As did his father before him.

For thousands of years, Equestria has known peace and stability under the benevolent rule of Princess Celestia.

It is under her guidance that everypony has lived happily, ate heartily, and worked diligently tending to the orchards and fields which are the breadbaskets and lifeblood of this Kingdom.

We are her children. And she loves us all. This is how life was in Equestria and how it should be.

But all of that came to an end... with the return of the Mare in the Moon.

Refusing to allow her authority to be usurped and allow everypony in Equestria to suffer under her vengeful rule, Princess Celestia dispatched the six elements of harmony to stop her.

But in a cruel twist of fate, the elements became divided against each other.

And soon enough, all of Equestria was consumed in the fires of civil war.

Where neighbors became allies or enemies, home towns and home cities became fortresses, and many families were torn apart and destroyed with brother against brother and sister against sister.

We now live in an evil era of hardship and uncertainty.

Where only the strong and cunning would survive the brutal and indiscriminate trials that lay ahead.

And many ponies have been put to the ground in a land that has not yet grown tired of its constant fighting.

Everyone suffered without exception during these turbulent times. Colt and Filly, worker and warrior alike.

All of this happened... because of Princess Luna, her accursed Republican cohorts, and their new allies who envy and seek to undo all of our accomplishments.

For that, there can be no peace or forgiveness with an estranged sibling or for Ponies of stone and darkness and lies.
Only absolute annihilation.

Although we are beset on all sides by traitors and foreigners within and outside Equestria, they are without honor and courage.
And that is the reason why they will fall.

Because we are the bright flame of purity that shall burn away the tides of filth and darkness.

We march into battle now, knowing full well that this long conflict will cost us dearly, despite the love of our Princess for all of us.

And for every day that passes by, where violence and death reign supreme, Princess Celestia quietly weeps for us all and hopes for a better tomorrow.

But in the end, when everything has been said and done with this civil war, Equestria shall be restored to the pristine and united land it once was... before the fires of war had consumed and burned it all away.

And until the time comes when the Republic is nothing more than bleached bones under a harsh sun and the future wishes for Equestria to be great again...

Today is just another perilous day... of Total war.

Let none find us wanting.
Inspired by Rome: Total War.
tdlob Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2011
That's some good stuff for the Solar Empire/Kingdom. You don't get to see a lot of fandom on that side of the civil war.
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